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Genie in a Bottle

Winter Strong

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A sweet and soothing concoction of Mentha with its therapeutic
properties, eucalyptus with its property to provide respiratory health benefits, ease cold and Juniper Berry with its invigorating freshness and power to detoxify and boost immune system.

This potion can be used topically to sooth the skin of any discomfort. It can be
inhaled by steam, can be used on pillow to help breathe while sleeping, can also be used in steam/ sauna / bath for intoxicating wholesomeness.


Mentha Juniper Berry Eucalyptus Oils

Shipping & Returns

-Orders will be shipped every Tuesday & Friday
-Orders should only be returned if the seal is not broken
-In case of return, the cost of return shall be borne by the client


-When the oil is over, you can add some water and alcohol to the bottle use it as a room freshener spray
-You may clean the bottle with alcohol after the oil is over and reuse it

Care Instructions

-Always keep in a cool and a dry place
- Oils are flammable, please take necessary precautions
-To be kept away from children & pets
-Pregnant women should consult their doctor before any usage
- Always do a patch test on your skin before complete application

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Hello you- Breathe, Inhale, close your eyes and relax. Let it do it's wonderous job to seep through your senses.