Our strength is purity

Essential oils are derived from various parts of a plant by different methods. They have multiple uses like aromatherapy, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, healing etc. But Oils will only do their job correctly if they're PURE oils.

Meet our Founder

Some magique words

  • Rhea Singh

    These oils are magic for your skin. Everyone asks me how my skin glows so much. And this for someone whose face would always be covered in breakouts.

  • Suniti Bisht

    Beautiful, soothing fragrance. Just a few drops on the face and skin feels rejuvenated and well moisturised. Feels pure. Loving it!

  • Prachi Jetley

    This mix is very light and non greasy in the skin. I use it twice a day and have stopped using any kind of creams at all. Highly recommended!

We bring to you

  • Essential Oils

    Essence of a plant bottled in the Himalayas for you.

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  • Exquisite Blends

    Blends created with ancient recipes to serve your needs and fulfil your heart.

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  • Magical Mists

    Pure plant water, distilled and bottled with the purity of mountain freshness.

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About us

We provide our customers pure oils, blends & mists made with love. Only when oil is pure thou shalt know of its power. Find below some of our exquisite featured collections.

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Ancient practices

  • Egypt

    The Egyptians, perhaps the ancient civilization which we know to have
    utilized essential oils most widely, used them for cosmetics, spiritual
    relaxation, embalming, and even mummification of their dead. Cleopatra, world renowned then and now for her unparalleled beauty, attributed her allure to the use of Egyptian essential oils in her skincare routine.

  • China

    The use of aromatic oils was first recorded in China between 2697-2597 B.C.E during the reign of Huang Ti, the legendary Yellow Emperor. His famous book “The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine” contains uses for several aromatics and is still considered a useful classic by practitioners of
    eastern medicine today.

  • India

    Traditional Indian medicine called “Ayur Veda” has a 3000 year history of incorporating essential oils into their healing potions. Vedic literature lists over 700 substances including cinnamon, ginger, myrrh and sandalwood as effective for healing.