Who are we..

Our Story
We were young, fresh, fit and hungry to absorb, we travelled – as far and as widely as possible. Slept in the wild if we had to. To find out how they survived these harsh terrains and weather, how they live and eat and cook and heal, to Learn from them”
A healer’s ability to heal stems not from any special skill, but by the mindfulness to embody and express the healing power that everyone naturally possesses, not only internally but also a power gained from collective experience of a life spent out in nature, tested by its ferocity but also cradled in its abundance.
These are some wise words we gained from a babaji (Ascetic) during one of our exploratory journeys into the rough environs of the Lower Himalayas.
The greenery is breathtaking and the Air is crystal clear, every sip from the herb quenched streams feels fulfilling enough to quench the thirst of a desert.
The Himalayas are a convergence of hard rock with flora of every kind and variety, covered with snow for most part of the year, the seasons sound and look like a dance of nature overflowing with every emotion imaginable.
Here is where the Journey starts, the birth of Genie in a Bottle, in a small Paragliding Village called Bir at the foothills of a Majestic range of mountains with ancient routes and passes, called The Great Dhauladhars.
Experiences of shepherds, deep in the mountains regaling us with stories of Magical plants and herbs that cured with mystical efficiency were the Initiation towards this unfathomable desire to know more about the transcendent curing powers of the plants and herbs found in this region.
What we did figure out was that this potential to heal, to cure was very integral to human nature, we are Mother nature’s most resourceful creation, we have this singular gift of consciousness, which sadly no other creature possesses, since time immemorial the ability to look at the stars, the sun, the moon and muse over their existence is a small example of this awareness that we are blessed with.
Here before we go further, we must not fail to mention that thousands of books were written on Medicines, Potions, Remedies and Recipes to heal and cure mind and matter, long before the first syllables of the first book on modern medicine were ever put on paper.
Today we as humans have a way of undermining our control, over our own body in the form of self-healing, and over emphasizing on the fragility and frailties of our existence plagued by illnesses and diseases of both mind and body.
This is the first lesson we learnt, which we would like to share; “We truly believe now that for every sickness or ailment known to man, Nature has an herb or plant that will heal it. We just need to keep exploring and revealing the properties for natural healing.
These plants and herbs some quite rare but many fairly abundant have properties that balance our life force (pranic energy), If used correctly they have the power to address every physical, emotional and psychological disorder known to mankind.
“Healing happens when our body is supplemented with restorative energies, Essential Oils from these singular and selected plants and herbs are powerhouses of ‘Pranic’ (life force) Energy”.
With this Knowledge we started our research into the world of essential oils, focusing on the integrity and individuality that each plant or herb possessed, and how effective it was in counteracting the various types of imbalances that affected people.
What we realized was that not only each essential oil had the power to heal myriad diseases, but when blended in specific proportions and parts they became elixirs of health and wellness.
In the Present world of modern medicine, we carry the heavy burden of long lists of side effects some of which are worse than the actual illness, that these medicines were prescribed for, Natural oils are a release, a form of liberty as they not only restore but also don’t have any side effects when used under guidance.
It’s an ancient road which was left unexplored for millennia, and what we promise is to take you along with us on this path of Unlimited possibilities.