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Be the Power, the Love, the Wisdom

Journey of life
It is a magnificent journey, when we awaken the power within and reach to a point where we will be power, we will be perfection, we will be love, joy, wisdom. Guiding to this beautiful journey of life with meditation, hidden truths are revealed to us every time we sit down. This journey is nothing but preperation of the mind, while our hectic lifestyle has taken its toll on our leasure time. It has also hampered our other quests. Always in a quick fix solution to all our problems, we seem to be turning to spirituality not for its core values but to find fast relief from the misery we have heaped upon ourselves. Life remains barren and untilized but when we use it in the right way it can give us everything in abundance. We spend time searching for it outside. Explore the God given treasure of breath, intellect and divinity within. Spiritual life is hard earned and harder to maintain. We are only witnesses of our experiences. Transformation is the visible result of our experiences. Meditation can be most powerful. It quietens the mind, helps to control the thoughts, revitalises the body. It cannot be described, one can only experience it. Love and good wishes for you!
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