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Smudge Sticks

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It's a tradition that goes back thousands of years, invoking smoke for a cleansing smoke bath. Different tribes have used different plants, trees & herbs to make smudge sticks by putting them together with a twine or made smoke bowls for various rituals. 

It can be used to purify and cleanse anything from places/ air/ atmosphere/people /ritual /ceremonial space, tools and objects.

Smudging is a way to invite positive energy. It is helpful in cleansing a home by purifying the air and smoking in the dark, not much visited corners. Light the stick at the entrance of your home and when the fire goes off take the smoke around the every room, doors and windows. 

Use a bowl of a shell to burn your smudge stick. When you're ready, light the end of the bundle evenly till till starts to smoke. The flame will go after it burning for a few seconds or you can blow it out gently. You can set an intention here and start to smudge. Use the bowl to catch any ember(glowing ashes) and focus on your intention while you smudge through your place. 



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Care Instructions

Always keep a Clay pot under the stick when burning to avoid any accidents. Burn it bit by bit, no need to burn the whole stick in one go.