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Genie in a Bottle

Earth -Beard/ Moustache/ After shave/ Leave in conditioner

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It smells heavenly and aphrodisiacy with Patchouli and more oils blending into Argan. Earth moisturizes, smoothens, hydrates, softens and tames the beard hair & works as a leave in hair conditioner.

It is a good astringent and fights dry and cracked under skin, dandruff, wrinkles, itchiness and also can be used as an aftershave. A non-greasy, light and fast absorbing luxurious blend with a earthy musky aroma that will balance your day.


Argan Patchouli Clove Orange Oils

Shipping & Returns

-Orders will be shipped every Tuesday & Friday
-Orders should only be returned if the seal is not broken
-In case of return, the cost of return shall be borne by the client


-When the oil is over, you can add some water and alcohol to the bottle use it as a room freshener spray
-You may clean the bottle with alcohol after the oil is over and reuse it

Care Instructions

-Always keep in a cool and a dry place
- Oils are flammable, please take necessary precautions
-To be kept away from children & pets
-Pregnant women should consult their doctor before any usage
- Always do a patch test on your skin before complete application

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diy blends, cedarwood, frankincense, lavender, pine , mountain, potions, poultices, ancient recepies, aromatherapy, plants, flower power,  essential oils

With a great Beard comes great responsibility..