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Genie in a Bottle

Double Dream Catcher

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Made to ward of evil energies from the children while they sleep, dreamcatchers have build their place in lives of people. Now we put our unconditional trust in them and let them protect us. 

Dreamcatchers were originally made with materials collected from the jungles, leaves twigs feathers etc. were weaved and put together as a protector for the dark nights. 

We should hang the dreamcatcher above our head when we sleep as it has the power to collect all the negative energies in the web and burn them with the first ray of sun falling on it & it collects all the positive vibes and flows them down from the feathers to the one sleeping below. The dreamcatcher will break once it is saturated with negative and has done it's job. That'll be your sign for a new one.

Dreamcatcher's are also sleeping partners with people who suffer from nightmares or bad sleep.

But my friend, everything here works with love and belief as these are the two must haves in our heart!



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